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Well, Why Not?

So, Sandy and I were chatting the other day... and thinking about how fun it would be to get FOF going again for us 'outcasts' (for lack of a better descriptive word for our FOF status). Right now the only ones here are myself, Sandy, Barbara, and one other gal who I do not know and who is not from FOF (to the best of my knowledge). Anyspam... I'd like to try and get the ball rolling again but I think we need to discuss a few things first.

1. A whole new place. Sandy mentioned that our characters are leaving and going to an 'indie' studio. However, this new studio needs a name. We could keep Flights Of Fancy... but seeing as we're going to be a seperate collective, I think it'd be good to have our own sort of label, just so we have something to title not only the 'studio', but the group itself. Or we could keep FOF... perhaps...

2. A whole new genre. Before, FOF revolved around *just* Alan Rickman, really. Sure, here and there other fandoms were casually thrown in, but it's all been about the lovely AR. I propose that we widen that a bit and make our new, own FOF a little more open and allow other fandoms and/or actors to come in. Yay, nay?

3. A new community. While this community is alright, it'd take me about five seconds to create a new community with our new chosen name (if that is what we decide to do). I think this would be best, just because I don't want our community being called Alan Rickman: Flights Of Fancy if that's not what it is really going to be (kinda). This place was originally built to take the place of the guestbook due to the spam spam spamity spam and whatnot, but we all know how that fell flat. Anyways, I could create a new place once we have some stuff sorted out, make a spiffy layout, and then either delete this one or null it and you guys could just take it off your friends lists and add on the new place (if that's what we decide blah blah blah etc. you get the idea).

4. How are things going to run? Personally, I'd love to see more collaboration. I think collaboratives can be quite fun, and if we remain a smaller, tighter-knit group, then that's quite possible. Again, your choice - I'm open to anything, I'm just throwing things out. Also, how do we want the new studio to run? Is there still going to be on and off set? Who's the new director, the writers? What will be some focuses? Is anyone else other than me going to be taking a fresh take at all?

5. Anything else you can think of that I haven't (it is midnight after all, and I'm on Nyquil, give me a break LOL).

So please, let's get chatting - I'd love to start writing again!
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